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New Cookery Room!

Hi everybody and welcome to our first proper blog! We hope to keep this updated far more regularly in the future with news about the nursery and other information that we wish to share with you. This will of course be supplementary to the traditional paper newsletters that you already receive.


We would like to announce that the upstairs kitchen that may be remembered by some of the parents that we have known a long time is to be converted into a children’s cookery room! Before Pre-School moved downstairs into the Log Cabin and Garden Room in 2010, the kitchen was being used by the children for baking and other food preparation activities. The children much enjoyed these sessions and so we have decided to reopen the cookery room for small groups of staff and children. Although the children still do baking activities in their nursery rooms, this will allow them to experience a much wider range of cookery activities in a more naturalistic environment. There will even be a dining table and chairs in the kitchen for the children to experience eating the food they have made, just like they would at home.

Those of you who have ‘liked’ us on Facebook will know that we are looking into lots of different ways that we can utilise the upstairs rooms to the best advantage of the children. French, ballet and gymnastics classes are all currently being discussed so look forward to more exciting news soon!


Published Date: 5th April 2013
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